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Welcome to the Christmas Gifts of Health Shop. Every gift here has a miracle - it brings children closer to recovery. By buying gifts, you become a New Year's magician for children and their families. Join with friends and family and create a New Year's miracle)

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Make a special gift for children

Two safe infusions for a child

Two syringes with aspiration needles. These are special syringes for the drug injections into the infusion system.

100 UAH

Additional support to beat cancer

Ten ampoules of dexamethasone. This hormonal drug keeps the body working properly during the exhausting treatment.

150 UAH

Defense against bacterial infection for one morning

One vial of the antibacterial drug ceftazidime. А child needs three vials per day. The entire course of treatment requires up to 90 vials. Сancer treatment damages the immune system and antibiotics defend the organism against bacterias.

180 UAH

Defense against bacterial infection for one day

One vial of the antibacterial drug ceftriaxone to treat bacterial infections which occur because of the weakened immune system.

200 UAH

Two chemotherapy infusions

Two UV-protected syringes for the administration of light sensitive chemotherapy drugs.

210 UAH

Pain-free medication administration for 14 children

A monthly stock of catheter holders for 14 children who get chemotherapy. The medications are injected through a catheter. A catheter holder plaster fixates it, so it does not move and cause pain.

250 UAH

Nutrition supply during chemotherapy

One package of medical nutrition for one child during the grueling treatment. It includes formulated dietary products that supplement a child’s food intake.

300 UAH

Seven safe intravenous drips

Seven syringes with aspiration needles. These are special syringes for the drug injections into the infusion system.

350 UAH

Defense against intestinal infections

One package of rifaximin. This antibiotic helps the organism to fight intestinal infections which affect the child's organism during chemotherapy.

420 UAH

Bone marrow aspiration

Bone marrow aspiration involves taking a sample of the bone marrow from the bones. A special needle is required for this procedure. A child undergoes 8 to 12 aspirations during the entire course of treatment.

500 UAH

Maintenance of health during treatment

50 ampoules of dexamethasone to maintain the body system work properly after chemotherapy.

650 UAH

Three months in comfort for a bedridder child

Care kit for a bedridder child. It includes creams, ointments, dry shampoo and other supplies.

1000 UAH

Protection from germs during chemotherapy

An antimicrobial drug ornidazole course of treatment for one child to treat intestinal inflammation which occurs during chemotherapy.

1500 UAH

Stomach protecting drugs during the blood cancer treatment

33 vials of famotidine drug for one course of treatment. This drug protects gastric mucosa from other medications, which may cause gastrointestinal bleeding.

2000 UAH

Defense against bacterias for two weeks

A supply of antibacterial drug ceftriaxone for one course of treatment. It is used to deal with infections which regularly occur because of a weakened immune system.

4500 UAH

Nutrition for a bedridden child

Monthly supply of special nutrition for a bedridden child.

5600 UAH

Wound healing medicine after chemotherapy

4 vials of albumin. It helps to heal wounds that occur on the oral mucosa because of toxic chemotherapy medications.

7000 UAH

A stress-free month for 40 families

One month of psychologist's work in the pediatric oncology unit. Cancer is a very stressful experience for children and their families. Psychologists help them to manage their stress and help find the strength to fight the disease.

16700 UAH

Medicines that are unavailable in Ukraine

One ampoule of antitumor drug asparaginase. This drug is prescribed to patients who have hypersensitive reactions to other drugs.

31000 UAH

Saving the eye of a child with eye cancer

A set of supplies for intra-arterial chemotherapy. It allows injecting medications directly into the artery that leads to the tumor. It enables you to save the eye instead of removing it.

65000 UAH

Why your gift is important

"Why me? Why my child?"

These are the questions often asked by mothers whose children get cancer during the war. The news of a terrible diagnosis forced them to enter a second war, just as complicated and dangerous — for their child's health.

We do not have answers to these questions because childhood cancer is a cruel lottery that affects families even in the most challenging situations.

However, we have an answer to the question of all those who care: "How can I help?".

Please make a gift so the children get everything they need for recovery. Give their mothers hope and strength to continue the fight. Your help is their reliable support.

About Tabletochki

Tabletochki is the biggest charity helping families affected by childhood cancer in Ukraine

More than 7,500 families have received targeted support for over 13 years

Monthly, Tabletochki assists over 400 families affected by childhood cancer

Fundraising complete. Thank you to everyone who participated!

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