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Make a Christmas miracle for Ukrainian kids with cancer!

Welcome to the "Dobrobut" Health Gift Shop! There are different gifts with miraculous power. All of them bring children closer to recovery. If you buy some gifts you will become a New Year's magician for children and their families.

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Make a special gift for children

Safe infusion for a child

One syringe with aspiration needle. This is the special syringe for the drug injections into the infusion system.

50 UAH

One morning with the protection against germs

One package of acyclovir antimicrobial drug is a third of a daily need for a child fighting cancer. During the cancer treatment, the child requires additional protection against different germs and microbes.

100 UAH

One chemotherapy infusion

One UV-protected syringe for the administration of light sensitive chemotherapy drugs.

200 UAH

A night of sleep for a mom

A set of infusomat (electronic dropper) supplies for one injection of medications. With its help, medication is injecting at the right speed and in the right amount. Cancer drugs are toxic and overdose is dangerous. Without the infusomat, the mother would have to sit all night next to the child and count the right amount of drops.

250 UAH

Nutrition supply during chemotherapy

One package of medical nutrition for one child during the grueling treatment. It includes formulated dietary products that supplement a child’s food intake.

350 UAH

Five days of protection against fungus

One vial of fungizone antifungal drug. Depending on age, a child needs one vial for five days. Сancer treatment damages the immune system and antifungal drugs defend the organism against fungal infections.

400 UAH

Two weeks of fighting blood cancer

26 ampules of the prednisolone drug, which is necessary while fighting blood cancer. A daily need for a child is two ampules. During the first course, the child needs in general about 66 ampules.

500 UAH

Free accommodation in Kyiv and Lviv for a family with a sick child

A day of free accommodation in Kyiv or Lviv for families with a child fighting cancer. Families from other regions come to the major oncology centers for examinations or treatment.

650 UAH

Psychological support for families of children with cancer

Two group psychological support meetings for families with children fighting cancer who are staying in Ukraine or were evacuated abroad in the beginning of Russian full-scale invasion.

1000 UAH

Stomach protecting drugs during the blood cancer treatment

22 vials of famotidine drug, which protects gastric mucosa from other medications, which may cause gastrointestinal bleeding. For the whole course, the child needs 33 vials.

2000 UAH

High-precision examination for a child with cancer

Conducting an MRI or CT scan for a child fighting cancer to detect even the smallest pathologies in a short period of time.

4000 UAH

Financial support for a family with a sick child

One-time financial assistance to a family with a child with cancer treated in Ukraine or abroad.

17500 UAH

Why your gift is important

"Why me? Why my child?"

These are the questions often asked by mothers whose children get cancer during the war. The news of a terrible diagnosis forced them to enter a second war, just as complicated and dangerous — for their child's health.

We do not have answers to these questions because childhood cancer is a cruel lottery that affects families even in the most challenging situations.

However, we have an answer to the question of all those who care: "How can I help?".

Please make a gift so the children get everything they need for recovery. Give their mothers hope and strength to continue the fight. Your help is their reliable support.

About Tabletochki

Tabletochki is the biggest charity helping families affected by childhood cancer in Ukraine

More than 7,500 families have received targeted support for over 13 years

Monthly, Tabletochki assists over 400 families affected by childhood cancer

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