Gifts of health

Gift a christmas wonder to yourself and children. Help kids to get closer to recovery.

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Gifts of health

Two safe infusions for a child

100 UAH

Additional support to beat cancer

150 UAH

Defense against bacterial infection for one morning

180 UAH

Defense against bacterial infection for one day

200 UAH

Two chemotherapy infusions

210 UAH

Pain-free medication administration for 14 children

250 UAH

Nutrition supply during chemotherapy

300 UAH

Seven safe intravenous drips

350 UAH

Defense against intestinal infections

420 UAH

Bone marrow aspiration

500 UAH

Maintenance of health during treatment

650 UAH

Three months in comfort for a bedridder child

1000 UAH

Protection from germs during chemotherapy

1500 UAH

Stomach protecting drugs during the blood cancer treatment

2000 UAH

Defense against bacterias for two weeks

4500 UAH

Nutrition for a bedridden child

5600 UAH

Wound healing medicine after chemotherapy

7000 UAH

A stress-free month for 40 families

16700 UAH

Medicines that are unavailable in Ukraine

31000 UAH

Saving the eye of a child with eye cancer

65000 UAH

Why is your present important?

Cancer does not take a day off on Christmas or New Year. Hundreds of Ukrainian children with cancer will spend Christmas holidays in hospitals all around the country. Every single day they must stand up to fight cancer.

By purchasing presents in the shop, you will provide children and their families with the strength to fight cancer. Just in a few clicks, you can help them to take one more step towards recovery.

Support children in the fight against cancer, and you will make the most valuable Christmas present – a chance for a healthy and happy childhood.

About Foundation

The foundation helps children with cancer and their families in Ukraine

500 children a month under the care of the foundation

More than 5,500 children have received targeted assistance from the foundation in 10 years