Gifts of health

Gift a wonder to yourself and children. Help kids to get closer to recovery.

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Gifts of health

Two safe infusions for the child

100 UAH

Morning protected from germs

150 UAH

Morning protected from bacterias

160 UAH

A step towards recovery

200 UAH

Three days of fight against cancer

210 UAH

Confidence boost for the Cancer Survivor

210 UAH

Strength for the day of treatment

220 UAH

The month of pain-free medication for 14 children

280 UAH

Five peaceful nights of sleep for mom

350 UAH

A week of Fight against cancer

420 UAH

A day protected from germs

450 UAH

Support for the immune system

500 UAH

Ten safe infusions for the child

500 UAH

Support during treatment

660 UAH

Three months of comfort for an immobile kid

1000 UAH

Night protected from fungal bacteria

1500 UAH

A month of restful sleep for mom

2100 UAH

5 weeks of Fight against cancer

2100 UAH

Strength after severe treatment

2200 UAH

Energy for tough treatment

2750 UAH

The day protected from fungal bacteria

4500 UAH

Food for an immobile kid

5600 UAH

Strength for 2 months of life for parents after the Loss

5800 UAH

A stress-free month for 40 families

16700 UAH

Medicines that are not available in Ukraine

31000 UAH

A chance to save the eye for a child with retinal cancer

65000 UAH

Chance to recover after a HSCT

100000 UAH

The only hope to defeat cancer

155000 UAH

Why it is important

Gifting is enjoyable. And giving a hoped-for present is invaluable.

Don't wait for the New Year, Christmas, or Birthday to gift to a child with cancer. Because cancer is not waiting. Fighting cancer is a daily struggle for children and their loved ones. Help them in this battle.

In just a few clicks, you can gift strength for the treatment, confidence boost, or peaceful nights for moms. Support children in the fight against cancer, and you will give them the most valuable thing – a chance for a healthy and happy childhood.

About Foundation

Tabletochki is a Ukrainian charitable foundation that is committed to support the families fighting childhood cancer.
The organisation keeps focus on four areas: targeted family support, systemic support of pediatric oncology units, patient rights protection and professional training for dedicated medical staff.

Over 10 years of the foundation's work, more than 5,000 families have received targeted support.

Tell your friends or colleagues about the Gift you gave to the children so that even more people can join and help.