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Мake the most valuable present for children with cancer.

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Give children the most valuable gifts!

Safe infusion for a child

50 UAH

One morning with the protection against germs

100 UAH

One chemotherapy infusion

200 UAH

A night of sleep for a mom

250 UAH

Nutrition supply during chemotherapy

350 UAH

Five days of protection against fungus

400 UAH

Two weeks of fighting blood cancer

500 UAH

Free accommodation in Kyiv and Lviv for a family with a sick child

650 UAH

Psychological support for families of children with cancer

1000 UAH

Stomach protecting drugs during the blood cancer treatment

2000 UAH

High-precision examination for a child with cancer

4000 UAH

Financial support for a family with a sick child

17500 UAH

Gifting is enjoyable, and giving a desired present is invaluable.

Don't wait for Christmas or Birthdays to make a gift to a child with cancer because cancer doesn't wait. Fighting cancer is a daily battle for children and their loved ones. And you are the one to help.

In just a few clicks, you can gift strength during the treatment, confidence, and peaceful nights for moms in hospitals. Support children in the fight against cancer, and you will give them the most valuable thing – a chance for a healthy and happy childhood.

About Tabletochki

Tabletochki is the biggest charity helping children with cancer in Ukraine

More than 6,500 families have received Tabletochki's targeted support for over ten years

Monthly, the Foundation assists over 500 families with children with cancer