Protect the brave

Support Ukrainian children with a gift that is especially important in wartime

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Support for the brave

Protection against runny nose for children in a cold basement

50 UAH

Bandaging wounds for injured children

75 UAH

Nutrition for a sick child

80 UAH

Cough syrup for a child in a bomb shelter

100 UAH

Protection against infection for injured children

210 UAH

Protection against blood loss

240 UAH

Free accommodation in Kyiv for a family with a sick child

300 UAH

Psychological support for families of children with cancer

500 UAH

Unavailable in Ukraine medicines for a child with cancer

550 UAH

A possibility to perform an urgent surgery in Ukraine

1000 UAH

A birthday gift to a sick child in wartime

1200 UAH

Financial support for a family with a sick child

17500 UAH

Why it is important

Ukraine has already proved that it is a nation of the brave. And our children – the future of Ukraine – are indeed the bravest. However, even the bravest need help.

Support Ukrainian children today with a gift that will help them overcome the most challenging period of their life. No child should be left alone in the darkest times.

About Tabletochki

Tabletochki is the biggest charity helping children with cancer in Ukraine

During the war, the Foundation supports children's hospitals in Eastern Ukraine

Also, the Foundation helps Ukrainians in the occupied territories