Give children fighting cancer the most valuable thing — the strength to recover

Please choose a gift and make a donation equal to its value.
Each of these gifts brings children closer to victory over the disease.

Vika, 9 years old

Oleh, 5 years old

Dmytro, 3 years old

Khrystyna, 3 years old

Make a special gift for children

Bone protection during chemotherapy

Vitamin D will prevent the child's bones from becoming fragile

150 UAH

Week of protection against fungus

The drug against fungus will protect a child with weak immunity

250 UAH

Three days of safe medication administration

A special patch for the catheter will protect the child from bacteria

350 UAH

Relaxing sleep for child and mother

The electronic dropper will make sure that the child receives the correct amount of medicine

550 UAH

Month of a blood cancer fight

A supply of hormonal medicines will help a child in the first stages of the fight

1000 UAH

Safe blood transfusion

Special medicines will protect a child from allergic reactions

2600 UAH

High-precision examination for successful treatment

MRI will show even the slightest abnormalities in the child's body

5000 UAH

Month of Targeted Cancer Control

A supply of powerful anticancer drugs will help fight the disease

20000 UAH

Why your gift is important

Cancer cannot be fought alone.

Children need medicines and supplies every day during the long months of treatment. It is also essential for children and their parents to understand that they are not alone in their fight against cancer — some people believe in their victory and are helping them in every way possible.

Please become a reliable shoulder of support for families fighting childhood cancer. During the war, they are especially vulnerable and need your help even more.

About Tabletochki

The biggest Charity Foundation in Ukraine helping children with cancer.

More than 7 000 families have received targeted support in over 12 years

Monthly, Tabletochki assists over 500 families with children fighting cancer